Online Dispensary Reviews Canada: Get Top Quality weed, concentrates and edibles, guaranteed.

Last updated: October 19, 2022 at 16:00 pm

Weed products tested and reviewed for guaranteed quality and 3-day shipping

Don’t waste your time or money buying cannabis products online unless you read our information first!

Our tests are your number one source for accurate reports that will ensure you never get ripped off when buying cannabis on the internet. Check out our coupon codes below for even bigger deals on buds. Shopping at an internet cannabis store shouldn’t be scary. That’s why we take the time to place orders at all of these weed online stores and order dry herb, edibles and concentrates to make sure our shipment arrives safely, on time and full of high-quality weed products.

Buying Government Sanctioned Weed in Canada (no deals here)

I’ve tried the OCS in Ontario to purchase weed recently to test delivery, quality, product organization, and cost. Not surprisingly it failed each and every factor. To order 10.5 grams of high-quality bud cost me with tax and shipping $160.00.  The quality of cannabis was AAA even though I had purchased AAAA quality. (A’s are like star ratings) Using private BC cannabis stores I purchased 28 grams of AAAA cannabis which arrived in 3 days at a cost of $220 all in. That’s $43 cheaper for a better product or 8 bucks a gram compared to 15 per gram. There are also many options to get a special price online.

Top Tested and Checked THC products available

We have placed successful orders with all of these companies to confirm their legitimacy and cannabis product quality.

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BC bud is the highest quality available and no pesticides or radiation is used in the production of their weed. For people who live in other parts of our country “government” weed growers use a different standard for quality. This is corporate weed, which is profit-driven. They try to do more with less to maximize profit. This leads to lower quality weed that has been exposed to pesticides and radiation to kill the fungus that wasn’t hand contained in their massive grow warehouses. This isn’t the weed I want to smoke, I hope you don’t either. That’s why MOM from BC is the only choice for you.

Many types of cannabis products are available via mail such as marijuana, vapes, vape cartridges, CBD Edibles, Indica herb, distillate, extracts, and pens.

Web Cannabis stores with Free delivery
online dispensary shipping worldwide reviews

Shopping for extracts, pens, vape cartridges, buds, CBD,  edibles. vapes, distillate vape, Kush. topicals, and pens takes growing and consuming cannabis very seriously. We provide you with a platform to find a safe, secure high-quality pot that has been THC tested so claims are accurate. Every MOM we list in this guide has been tested at least once by our staff. The testing we document for each weed retailer consists of:

  • Do they offer an easy shopping experience?
  • Is there a guarantee of privacy?
  • Is there a delivery guarantee?
  • How easy was it to make payment and confirm the order?
  • Shipping speed and security
  • Do they provide a free shipping option?
  • Do they use Post tracking?
  • Are the product descriptions accurate?
  • Do they offer a wide variety of weed strains including Indicas, Sativas, and hybrid options
  • Do they offer top-rated topicals, concentrates, distillate, and weed?

Top Selling (AAAA) Medical Cannabis
from BC

  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Girls Scout Cookies AAAA
  • Grape Krush
  • Grape God
  • Widow

Top Selling Shatter Options from BC

  • Bruce Banner Shatter
  • Death Bubba Shatter
  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Pineapple Express Shatter
  • Aura Extracts Shatter
  • Super Lemon Haze
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